Dogs give humans so much, all they ask for in return is food, shelter and regular exercise. Give your pooch an adventure to look forward to by signing them up to one of our sixty minute dog walks.

It’s a great chance for them to socialise, stretch their paws and explore the beautiful forests, fields and nature that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by in Brighton and Hove. All our walks are secure, far away from roads and are rotated so if your dog is regularly walked by us they will get a varied route. As an extra security measure all dogs on our walks are given tags so they can easily be identified.

I do two walks a day, with a maximum of six dogs on each walk. I’ve found a pack of this size is the perfect number, allowing them the excitement of a group walk whilst still receiving the attention they need.

Pick up is between 10.30 and 13.30 and I will collect the dog from your house and then bring them back home afterwards. All dogs will have a rub down with a towel before they are returned home because nobody wants to see muddy paw prints on their sofa! Some owners ask me to leave specific interior doors closed once their dog is back home, I’m happy to follow your lead on what suits you best.

We can’t wait to welcome you to The Woof Crew!

CALL TODAY: 07889 903627
or email:


  • You supply the lead and towel, we will do the rest!
  • New dogs will be walked on a lead until they have got used to me and then I will work on integrating them into the pack.
  • Regretfully we can not take uncastrated males over twelve months, bitches in season, or, aggressive dogs on a group dog walk as we have a duty to protect the rest of the pack. However, we do provide solo walks, so no dog has to miss out on joining The Woof Crew, more information about those can be found on the Solo Walks page.
  • Our pick up time is approximate and whilst every effort is made to ensure we arrive at the time, specified traffic and other factors can occasionally cause small delays.
  • In the very unlikely event of extreme weather, or, welfare issues for your pet (for example a dog becoming ill) we may need to finish a walk early in the best interests of your dog.
  • Regretfully, cancellation fees will have to be applied if a booked walk is cancelled with less than forty-eight hours notice.


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