Pets can be particular and whilst you are their favourite person to spend time with, we do our best to fill your shoes when you can’t be there. So whether you need someone to play a quick game of fetch to break up your dog’s day, or, you have a cat that deserves forty-five minutes of fuss whilst you are away, we can help. Pet sitting sessions run from fifteen to forty-five minutes and are available from Monday to Friday, AM and PM.
These visits can suit dogs with medical conditions who may not want a full walk but need a bit of company, or pets who just need to see a friendly face. We can break the sessions into different activities, including feeding, walking, playing, toilet trips, lots of cuddles, or, all of the above.

When it comes to your pet, you know best, so we will make sure to follow your directions diligently.

CALL TODAY: 07889 903627
or email:


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